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“Busy” An Overratted Status Symbol

We have all heard the adage that “time waits for no man’ and the idea that “the clock is ticking.”  It got me to thinking about how much weight we place on the idea of time, this invisible taskmaster, created … Continue reading

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Severe Pessimist turned Optimist

  Throughout my life, I have experienced significant hardship.  In my mind, I felt as though I had the worst luck and if things could go from bad to worse in a heartbeat, they always would.  In many ways, I … Continue reading

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The Power of Telling Our Truth

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with someone with high social anxiety and very low self-esteem.  Full of so much self-disgust, he hid his true self from everyone he came into contact with, for reason’s not even he understood. … Continue reading

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Exquisitely beautiful, Exquisitely tragic

One of the greatest tragedies of living is dying.  Even in my darkest most painful moments, I have believed this to be true.  Life should be cherished. Every breath, every heartbeat, given full awareness.  Each day brings new moments to seize; … Continue reading

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The Quiet Christian

As I have moved through the progressive classes of my counseling program, I have been challenged on many occasions, to doubt who I am and what I believe.  I am a naturally humble person and I am quiet in my … Continue reading

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Goal Setting vs New Years Resolutions – Setting Yourself Up for Success.

Goal setting, however, can be both motivational and inspirational. It is how you go about setting them up, that makes all the difference in whether you flip or flop! Continue reading

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Sleeping Tips

Improving your sleep can have a remarkable effect on your amygdala. The best approach to improving sleep is to take a careful look at your sleeping practices and make sure that they are healthy. The following sleeping practices can really assist you … Continue reading

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On The Military Battlefield and Beyond

Do not miss a heartbeat; dare not blink.  Know what needs to be done and follow through no matter what happens.  Do not hesitate; there is no room for fear or even a millisecond of weakness.  It is your oath … Continue reading

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Turning the Page; My Book of Inadequacies​

I recently told a friend, I was afraid of what people might think of me if they knew who I really was deep down inside.  She looked at me quizzically.  Yet, I realized this was the truth I had created for … Continue reading

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What Grows in Your Life-Garden?

Negative experiences happen, but we do not have to let them move in and hold as much of our life space hostage, as they tend to often times do. We experience a myriad of both positive and unpleasant moments each … Continue reading

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