Exquisitely beautiful, Exquisitely tragic


One of the greatest tragedies of living is dying.  Even in my darkest most painful moments, I have believed this to be true.  Life should be cherished. Every breath, every heartbeat, given full awareness.  Each day brings new moments to seize; an abundance of opportunities just waiting for us to rest our attention upon them.  Hoping to be snatched up and spent with the air of importance they deserve.

Each second we have on this earth is meant uniquely for us.  Each second waits to be experienced or expressed as part of your specific journey.  No two persons stories are the same, even if by some chance on the surface, they appear to be hauntingly similar.  It is impossible for another human being to see or feel the world, or the essence of life itself, exactly the way you do.

We have both exquisitely beautiful and exquisitely tragic moments in our lives, neither of which should be wasted.  I encourage you to look upon both equally, as their value is immense and the lessons learned will dive as deep, as the space we make for them. Open your eyes, your arms, your heart and expand your senses as far you are able to tolerate. Then reach just a little further in, to each distinct moment.  Reach into the heartbreak and borrow from it what you need, so when you emerge you are intimate with its value. The emotional or physical scars transform into the woven fabric of our lives, creating dark contrast and shadows to all that is beautiful and bright.  Grasp with all your strength and cling unto everything joyful, lovely, heartwarming and truly good; so you may weave in a shining light or a soft glow to intensify the colorful patterns.  Pay careful attention to specifically highlighting those with special significance to you.

Sink into these moments, which make life worth living, with the innocents and hope of your inner child.


Laugh, love, and smile often.

Express your sorrows; allow your tears to rain shamelessly down your face. Grieve your losses with the depth required of your soul.  It knows the path you need to walk and the exact time necessary for healing.

Be meticulous with your gifts and your time, both are more precious than words can describe.

As you stitch and weave your moments in time together, do not be afraid to be creative. Allow your imagination to flow through; dream as big as the stars.  Creativity and self-expression are key pieces and must be sprinkled in, like glitter or magical star dust.  It is how others will know your heart pattern and recognize its rhythm.

It is a proverbial quilt to keep you warm, to encourage you, sustain you, help you connect with life around you and it will be a presence on earth long after you have passed.

At the end of life, when the masterpiece is complete, we shall want to look upon it with pride.  Knowing we put into it all that was and is of us, and those who touched our lives along the way, for better or for worse.  Tell your honest story in full color; in all of its glory. It should be worthy of being laid bare before the world to behold, and be honored for the work of art it is, at the core of your spirit.  To hide any section of it, would be a travesty.

There is no way for one to know when our time will come when our heartbeat will cease to make music, and our light will fade into the unknown forever.   Therefore, we should always sew with the decisiveness of a dedicated craftsman and flare of an artist, so if our last breath escapes mid stitch, it will read like either a powerful crescendo or a soft lilt.

Be intentional.


(In honor of Adam L., may he rest in peace.)

Pic from pixabay.com


About thoughtfulstroll

I am a veteran, a professional business woman and a counselor in training. Follow me on my journey to becoming a mental health professional.
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4 Responses to Exquisitely beautiful, Exquisitely tragic

  1. tiffiny223 says:

    Beautiful! I’m sure your friend would be honored by this.

  2. candidkay says:

    I agree–chances to learn with both joy and pain. Although I’ve been asking God for more of the joy lessons:).

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