By Grace and Gratitude


Every once in a while I become still and let the feeling of gratitude wash over me.  I allow myself to inhale the moment and then release it into the air; temporarily relinquishing my worries and fears.  I pause, to appreciate the beautiful things, experiences, animals, and people I have in my life today.  I am humbled by the delicious weight of their presence in my small world.

I recognize my existence, is but a tiny ripple in the time frame we have named Life. Yet I am filled with hope, for even the tiniest of ripples holds promise and has the ability to transform the water in which it traverses.

My life has not always been easy and at times I have lamented over some of the events I have been exposed to, as well as the toxic relationships I once made space for.  I have known intimately….deep despair, disappointment and overwhelming grief and loss. Yet by grace, here I stand with my face tilted upward toward the sun.  I feel warmth on my skin and joy in my heart.  There is so much to be grateful for and it is though I have opened my eyes for the very first time; in a way that I can truly see it, feel it.

This does not mean I am blinded by the suns rays in such a way that I allow it skew my view.  I know in my heart, there will be more grief, loss, and disappointment on the horizon.

For the hand of time never stops, ticktock…ticktock….and human life is ever fragile.

By grace, and with gratitude, however, I find myself smiling at all of the wonders this world has to offer. The many blessing which are in my life today, I want to embrace and fully experience.

I am determined to metaphorically walk (sometimes literally) barefoot in the grass, face tilted toward the sun and my eyes fixed on the vast blueness which is the never ending sky above.  There is no promise of a tomorrow, but there is always the promise of today.  It is wise not to squander it away; instead, make every exquisite moment matter.


It took me a long time to come to realize and fully grasp the idea, that I am the author of my own personal script.  I have become brave enough to pick the pen up and I cannot wait to see where my imagination will take me.  In the meantime, I let gratitude wash over me and honor what my life encompasses in the space in which I stand, right now.  This very irretrievable, space in time.

I wish you many moments of gratitude!  If you have not already, I hope some day you will become brave enough to pick up a pen, to begin to write your very own personal script.

Life is too short, to let someone else do it for you.


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I am a veteran, a professional business woman and a counselor in training. Follow me on my journey to becoming a mental health professional.
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2 Responses to By Grace and Gratitude

  1. candidkay says:

    Beautifully put. Oct. is a month that brings gratitude for me. The harvest mentality, I guess:).

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