On Being a Woman


I will not bore you with the details of what you already know about being a woman, as it is well known, that women have had to work hard at changing their circumstances throughout history. There are stories upon stories about women having to fight for their rights. The right to vote, the right not to have to wear dresses 24/7, the right to work and the right to get paid equally. We all know the battles and that some of these fights are still going on today in the social, political and employment arenas.

I do want to talk about some of the things that are rarely mentioned or may even go completely unnoticed by some.

Being a woman is beautifully and uniquely complex!

We are by nature, naturally sensitive creatures. We are meant to nurture, to love with our whole hearts, to feel fully a myriad of emotions in which we often immerse ourselves…… and to feel them with every part of our body and soul. We are capable of great feats, but it is often the little, more important things we accomplish, that often go un-noticed. Or worse, are taken for granite. We are often selfless, giving up what we may desire for what our spouse, significant other, or family desires of us instead.

We are no stranger to pain and discomfort, and we often undergo physical difficulty without complaining or rolling around in sorrow. I have had massage therapists and doctors tell me that women are often better at handling pain than most men! This is just how we are built. Even if as a woman, we never give birth to a child, we still understand and share a universal concept of pain.

Throughout our lives, we are forced to embrace change, whether we want to or not. There is, of course, puberty and the process of “becoming a woman.” There is pain before pleasure when we experience sex with a partner for the first time and for many of us pain/discomfort with sex does not diminish over time. If we so chose it, there is the change we undergo when we become mothers and give birth to our first child. Where suddenly overnight, we are forced to become less and less “selfish;” as we give up most of our life to care for another human being. Lastly, there is, of course, the dirty word “menopause,” which is another (and hopefully final) change we undergo as we learn to live with our body in a completely different way for the third or fourth time in our lifespan.

Everything about being a woman speaks to the ability to handle pain, suffering, discomfort, intense emotions and embrace constant and inevitable, change! It speaks to the ability to constantly overcome and conquer what life throws at us.  We also experience great joy, deep love, laughter and a variety of other positive emotions just as intensely.

We are smart, brave, soulful, complicated, unique and beautiful.

We are artists, athletes, musicians, poetesses, writers, photographers, journalists, newscasters, nurses, teachers, janitors, warriors, survivors, mothers, daughters, wives…….

We are…..intensely….human.

We often live with every fiber of our being.

Some women shout it from the mountaintops and roar with bravery! Some are quiet and shoulder a private strength that is only visible to those she chooses to allow into her heart. Some show you their true selves when you least expect it and others are constant and steady.

I have often heard it said that women are emotional and that it is what makes them less able to hold certain jobs……so on and so forth, but I do not see it as a weakness, I see it as strength. We understand the value of fully being human and of learning to tell our stories with our whole heart. We are passionate, compassionate, vulnerable and yet capable of so much more than we are given credit for, either by ourselves, or others.

This is my take….on being a woman.

Be proud of who you are! Keep on being…fully human….in your own unique and complex way.

You were born lovely, but you will grow even lovelier as you navigate life’s challenges and learn the depths of who you truly are.

PS…You got this!


Photo borrowed from beinghertheotherwoman.wordpress.com

About thoughtfulstroll

I am a veteran, a professional business woman and a counselor in training. Follow me on my journey to becoming a mental health professional.
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