EMDR – Update

I promised an update on how EMDR was working for me as well as how I was working with my counselor.  After the third session, it was clear my therapist and I were not meant to work together.  Once again she was acting in an “I know best” role.  Telling me how I should feel and what I should think.  She was so quick to label and jump to conclusions. She was also pretty aggressive when it came to trying to get information out of me.  Well, the plain fact was, I did not trust her.  So, yeah it was not working for me at all.

Being on the up and up, I contacted her and offered her the chance to talk it out with me. She did not take me up on the offer.  In fact, she simply sent a letter to me in the mail stating she tried to get a hold of me and was unable to reach me.  Enclosed in the letter was a reassignment sheet so I could sign up to get a new counselor.  The fact of the matter was, she never tried to contact me.  I had no missed calls from the VA number at all and I certainly had no voicemails from her.  So, I am going to guess she did not want to hear what I had to say and did not want to try and work out our differences.  This was very disappointing.

What now?  Well, I am still waiting to be assigned to a counselor at the VA office who does EMDR, so that I may continue my journey.  It has been a few months and I have not heard anything.  I will be checking in with them soon, to find out where on the list I am.

As a future counselor, if a client wants to talk to me about how they feel about how our counseling sessions are going, I plan to be open to it.  Counselors are not perfect, they are in fact very human, and just as prone to error in judgment as anyone else.  Their education does not make them exempt, but it should make them better prepared and more open.  If a client is willing to work it out, I am willing to be there for them, to help them do just that.  If something I am doing is not working, or they are upset about how they perceived something I have said, I want to know.  Not only to grow and get better but to also be able to meet them where they are.  After all, it is all about helping the client, not about the counselor’s ego.


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I am a veteran, a professional business woman and a counselor in training. Follow me on my journey to becoming a mental health professional.
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2 Responses to EMDR – Update

  1. tiffiny223 says:

    Wow, what a frustrating experience. It’s disappointing to think that someone with the training to help another would behave that way. But as you say, counselors are human too. Hopefully, this will work out to be better for you in the end, meaning hopefully you connect with a helpful counselor soon. I would think building trust would be the most important thing on a counselor’s agenda when working with a client.

    • You could not be more right Tiffiny! Any successful relationship has trust as a foundation. As a counselor, if you cannot earn your client’s trust, good therapeutic work will be impossible.

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